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Loose diamond, or if  you’re not entirely sure on exactly what type of jewellery you want yet but you are still on the market  then we are the perfect place for you. At The Diamond Club we supply premium quality diamonds. Thats both mined diamonds and lab grown diamonds.

Factors to consider while buying  online

Obviously, buying online can be daunting. But you can rest assured that at The Diamond Club we only sell and supply stones of the highest quality. All our stones undergo thorough quality checks by our employees that work directly with the diamond cutters. We take each and every aspect into consideration from cut, colour, and clarity all the way through to the ratios and dimensions of the diamond.

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Since, we also design and manufacture custom diamond jewellery.  We can help you source and purchase your perfect diamond and help create your dream jewellery right here in Perth, Western Australia. Whether it’s loose diamonds or bespoke jewellery you’re after. The Diamond Club is your one-stop-shop for all your jewellery needs.

The Cullinan

Weight: 3106ct rough
Origin: Transvaal, South Africa
The Cullinan, surprisingly the largest gem quality diamond ever found. It was discovered at the Premier Mine on 26th January 1905. The rough diamond was nearly flawless and named the Cullinan in honour of Sir Thomas Cullinan. He was the founder of the Premier Mine, who was visiting that very day. Louis Botha, premier of the Transvaal, persuaded his government to buy the diamond for approx. US $1 million and presented it to England’s King Edward VII as a token of thanks for granting Transvaal its own constitution.

The Cullinan was handed to Amsterdam’s House of Asscher to polish. The diamond was divided into 9 major gemstones. Thereafter into 96 smaller stones and about 19.5cts of unpolished pieces. The two largest gems were kept for England’s regalia and the rest went to Asscher as payment. King Edward bought one of the major gems for his consort, Queen Alexandra. The Transvaal government bought the remaining stones and pieces, and presented the other 6 major gems to Queen Mary in 1910. Two of the small stones were presented to Louis Botha, who gave one to his daughter when she turned 17.

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